Frequently Asked Questions - General Questions

FAQs - General Questions

Land is a sensitive issue that must be navigated cautiously. When you are ready to invest in property you want to deal with honest individuals. The questions you automatically ask yourself like 'Is this the real owner?' or 'Is this land free of encumbrances?' or 'After I pay the deposit will things change?' ......are the ones we want to guarantee you. Here are the answers to some common questions:

In short, due diligence includes three simple steps: Performing a search at the District Headquarters, buying a map/ mutation and finally taking a surveyor with you to the ground for confirmation purposes. At ROAKI PROPERTIES, we have a team of qualified surveyors and we list only properties that have been verified in this way.

No, you cannot skip. If you do a search and not buy a map, then you cannot have a surveyor verify for you the ground (because a surveyor must use the map or mutation on the ground) and this might potentially make you a victim of land fraudsters. 

YES. At ROAKI PROPERTIES we will only list properties that have passed the ROAKI test of genuineness but we fully welcome you to double check on your own if you so wish. 

We have made this possible for you by attaching coordinates on every property listed and genuine on-ground photographs taken from the piece of property. No fake photos. If you see a road or a power line or any development on the pictures attached, be sure when you visit the ground you will find them. Long gone are the days when you were promised a shamba is near only to go and realize it’s too far inside! We recommend for you to input the provided coordinates on Google Earth to get a 3-D view.

At ROAKI PROPERTIES we like to say karibu customer! So after viewing the property and being comfortable with the location, we will take you there absolutely free! The first one is on us. 

We pride ourselves on integrity and this means that when you make a deposit, it will sit with our lawyer and the funds transferred to the owner only after the transfer is completed. However, if you have your own layer, it is absolutely OK. They will communicate with our lawyer and carry on from there.

We work to give you best price only. The prices listed are fixed.

It depends. On the owner. If you see ‘EXCL’ it does not include transfer fee while ‘INCL’ is inclusive

At ROAKI PROPERTIES we lay everything on the table and there are no hidden costs. We charge KES 40,000 for transfer services EXCLUDING Stamp Duty charges. Stamp Duty is charged at 2% of the value of the land and must be paid to the government when transacting a transfer

This is absolutely OK. When buying land, always go with your gut feeling.

You must come with your documents to our offices. From there you will leave us to do our due diligence and if your property passes the ROAKI test of genuineness, we will submit!