Welcome to ROAKI PROPERTIES. We are a group of experienced land handlers with close to 10 years experience in dealing with land matters.

Land is a sensitive issue that must be navigated cautiously. When you are ready to invest in property you want to deal with honest individuals. The questions you automatically ask yourself like 'Is this the real owner?' or 'Is this land free of encumbrances?' or 'After I pay the deposit will things change?' ......are the ones we want to guarantee you.

Thoroughness is the key word in land matters. And Patience. We would advise that mostly if the deal is 'too hot' on an 'extremely prime' property that has 'other ready buyers'... Count to three first before putting down your deposit. Take time to do due diligence. Perform a search, buy the maps, visit the site. Have a qualified land surveyor tie the title to the ground. These few little steps can save you tears.

At ROAKI PROPERTIES we will do the homework for you! We will perform search, buy the maps and most importantly we will send our team of qualified land surveyors to the ground to ascertain the existence of the shamba. We know the tricks con-men and con-women use to dupe potential buyers, and we will check out all these for you.


We promise not to list any property whose ownership and authenticity has not been ascertained. Every property on our website is GENUINE property. We deal directly with the owners, NOT brokers. We go to the site and take photos ourselves. We list the properties after we are satisfied, this is not a free-for-all to list website.

Therefore rest easy as you check out the available property. Have no fears about anything. We've got your back.